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4 Reasons to Switch Up Your Workouts

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If your workouts are starting to feel boring and repetitive – or even worse, you’ve stopped seeing results from them – then it’s probably time to switch things up a bit. Humans are naturally creatures of habit, so it’s easy for us to get stuck in a monotonous routine, but doing the same exercises over and over again in the gym isn’t always the best way to get results. That’s why we’re sharing 4 reasons to switch up your workout routine below.


To Avoid a Workout Burnout

Your favorite song starts blasting through the radio, and you’re happily singing along. As soon as it’s over, you hear it load up again. Then it comes on again and again…and again. Eventually, you’re going to get tired of that song and want to hear a new one. Our bodies and our minds feel the same way when we continue to do the same moves during every workout.

Eventually, you get bored with your routine and it becomes harder to keep pushing yourself to work out. Trying new exercises during your workouts can help you find new challenges to keep things interesting, which can help prevent a burnout. That’s one reason why our workouts change daily, so you’re always learning new moves and challenging yourself to work harder, mentally and physically.


To Slow Your Fitness Plateau

Ah, the dreaded plateau. This unwelcomed stage of the average fitness journey is capable of crippling even the most dedicated gym-goers. Nothing is more discouraging than putting in the work and not getting results. Our bodies are built to adapt, so they work very quickly to become more proficient at what they do. Repeating the same set of exercises time and time again makes your body’s job easier, so eventually, it requires less energy and fewer calories to get things done.

In fact, according to the SAID principle (specific adaptations to imposed demands), the body will adapt to any added demands or stress placed on it, which is how strength and growth improvements are made. That’s why it’s good to try new exercises during your workouts and not always stick to the same basic combinations. This makes your body have to work harder in order to adapt to the new movements, so it never gets too comfortable. 


To Get the Full-Body Experience

Did you know there are more than 600 skeletal muscles inside your body? Some sources even say there are up to 800! Either way, that’s a lot of muscles to account for during your workouts. Switching things up allows you to target new muscle groups, so you’re strengthening your entire body and not just certain parts. While some athletes or bodybuilders want to work on specific groups of muscles to help them compete, the average person wants to hit everything and build greater overall strength. And you can’t do that if you’re only participating in #legday. So, be sure you’re switching up your workout routine and adding new moves to help you hit various muscle groups throughout the week.


To Give Your Body Time to Heal

Repeating the same movements over and over again puts constant stress on the same parts of your body, which can lead to injuries if you don’t allow yourself time to heal. Luckily, switching up your workouts with some new moves can help you bring some well-needed relief to those overused muscles while you start working on those that need a kick in the right direction. Since our workouts are full-body, rather than focusing on specific body parts, we recommend exercising three days a week in our studios to give your muscles time to heal in between workout sessions.


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