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5 Ways to Stay Active as a Family During COVID-19

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For those who are fortunate enough to be healthy at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to remain active while hunkering down for the foreseeable future. Being isolated at home for extended periods can have negative health effects, with some even rivaling the effects of smoking 15 cigarettes a day or having an alcohol use problem. Exercise can be a crucial method of coping with the stress and anxiety that people of all ages experience under quarantine, so we wanted to share some simple ways to stay active with your family during this time.


Sign Up for At-Home Workouts

Even though your local gym might be closed, you can still get a Killer Workout at home with our online program. Completing at-home workouts as a family is a great way to add movement to everyone’s daily routine without putting yourself at risk for COVID-19. Our online workouts are designed to be done anywhere, as they don’t require any fancy equipment, so you can do them from your living room or an outside patio. You can even take your at-home workouts a step further and invite your punch partners to join a virtual workout party with popular platforms like Zoom or Google Hangouts.


Turn Screen Time into Challenge Time

Multiple high-tech gadgets, like smartphones and video game consoles, are available to entertain us while we sit at home. Even though these devices provide a helpful distraction during quarantine, they don’t always help you or your family stay active. So, if you’re seeing an increase in screen time at home under quarantine, think of some fun challenges you can implement to encourage activity. For example, you can challenge your family to see who can do the most push-ups or jumping jacks during commercial breaks.


Take Advantage of Outdoor Sports and Activities


Depending on how close your neighbors are, you may be able to enjoy outdoor activities while practicing social distancing. Playing outdoor sports in your yard is an excellent way to provide movement throughout the day. If you have a basketball hoop or a frisbee, encourage the whole family to get outside and play together.


Walking or running around your local area is another great way to stay active as a family. Just remember to avoid touching things like public handrails and to stay at least six feet away from anyone else who might be out. Avoiding areas you know will be crowded can help you find more remote outdoors spots to explore without coming too close to anyone.


Get Creative with Home Activities

Entertaining kids during quarantine can be tough, but you can come up with all kinds of things if you let your creativity flow. With a few everyday items, you can invent fun activities for your kids to do. For example, you could turn a couch cushion into a punching bag and show them how to punch it out and finish strong like a 9Rounder.  

Many parents have also found a way to use mundane household items to create obstacle courses to encourage kids to be active at home. Simply grab what you have on hand, such as laundry baskets or pillows, and create a challenging course for your kids to complete. Of course, make sure whatever obstacle course you create is safe for children to interact with. This strategy could provide tons of entertainment for your kids with just a few everyday objects; plus, it helps encourage them to move and let out some energy.


Allow Children to Help Out Around the House

You can provide some easy off-screen activity by inviting your family to help out around the house. Have your kids help you fold the laundry or find small activities they can do, like organizing shoes at the door or putting together healthy snacks and meals. These little things help keep them moving throughout the day, so they aren’t glued to the TV or a computer. Inviting your family to help out with daily household chores also allows you to spend some quality time together.

Bonus Tip: Turn household chores into challenges for a little friendly competition between siblings, as this can help them find joy in doing mundane things.


We encourage you to find safe ways to keep your family active during this time and hope this list has inspired you to get up and get moving. Our at-home workouts are a great option for families looking to start a new fitness routine, so contact your local club today to find out more!