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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your 9Round Workout?

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Whether you’re a 9Round newbie or an avid 9Rounder, you might be able to get more out of your workout with these tips from our Director of Fitness Programming, Drew “The Captain” Stauffacher. We sat down for a Q & A with Drew, who began his journey with 9Round as a trainer over 8 years ago. You may have seen him in weekly CHOW videos or, recently, facing off against Heather “The Hero” Hudson in our Spring Break You Burpees challenge! Here’s what he had to say to all 9Rounders about how to maximize your 30 minutes:

Q: How can members best utilize their trainers during the workout?

A: Open communication with trainers is key. Every member has a “why” – a reason they’re working out and coming to 9Round. Telling trainers your “why” gets them in your corner and, when they know your fitness goals, you’re better suited to knock it out! If a member has a big event coming up, like a wedding, trainers can push them harder and encourage members to stay motivated along the way.

Q: Is there anything else that members should communicate to a trainer?

A: Trainers don’t know what they don’t know; if someone has a shoulder issue or injury, for example, but doesn’t let us know, then we will continue to train them as if they’re perfectly healthy. Our members’ well-being is a top priority at 9Round, and we want to make sure everyone is training in the safest way possible.

Q: Speaking of training, what are some tips you have for members during exercises they might not be familiar with?

A: Commit to the drill. Don’t let it intimidate you! Remember, our trainers are there to motivate and encourage you to win every round! Opting for other moves that aren’t in the workout could limit your progress. We don’t recommend veering away from the daily workout. We suggest committing to it 100%!

Q: Could you talk about having specific fitness goals and how they can enhance your workout?

A: The nice thing about 9Round is that you can tell your 9Round Certified Trainer your fitness goals. This helps them motivate and guide you through your workout as well. You can always walk in, ready to work out, knowing that someone is right there with you motivating you. This is really important, as trainers make goals even more attainable by supporting you. I also suggest writing your aspirations down, because having them written and in front of you makes them real. When you’re able to see your progress happening, it’s easier to stay motivated to keep striving toward your goals.

Q: Do you have any last 9Round nuggets of wisdom that members might not know?

A: Stay in your fighter stance – staying in that position throughout the rounds helps you keep your balance, move properly and engage your core so you get more “bang for your buck.” This is one of the keys to getting a full-body workout in 30 minutes.

Staying focused during the workout is really important too. When you go in for a workout, that’s your time to turn off social media and get in the zone! I think it also means not getting distracted by staring at the monitor for your PULSE points; you can glance up quickly when you transition or for a split second, but don’t focus just on that. Continue to work hard, check PULSE quickly, but don’t make anything other than the exercise you’re doing your main focus.