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Benefits of Committing to a Fitness Lifestyle

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If you’ve been teetering on the edge of starting a new workout routine and eating a more nutrient-rich, balanced diet, it’s time to consider letting go of what’s holding you back so you can begin to experience all of the amazing benefits a healthy lifestyle has to offer. Keep reading if you need a little inspiration to help you finally commit to a fitness lifestyle once and for all.


Increased Physical Strength

Okay, this one might be a bit obvious, but believe it or not, some people don’t really see the full weight (see what we did there) of this amazing benefit. Physical strength is more than just bulking up and building muscle to improve your outward appearance. It can actually help improve your quality of life by making you more physically capable. As your muscles grow and get stronger, you can complete daily activities, such as walking in the park, playing with your kids, lifting things around the house, or climbing a flight of stairs without running out of breath as often. Not only that, but having greater physical strength can help you reduce your risk of injury as you age, since we all start to lose muscle mass later in life.   


Boosted Confidence

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a fit body can help boost your self-esteem and overall confidence. Not only do your weekly workouts help improve your outward appearance and overall strength, but the healthy eating habits that go hand-in-hand with a fitness lifestyle can also make you feel better on a daily basis. Both of these things lead to greater confidence, as you will look and feel your best more often. Eventually, this newfound confidence will start to come out during your interactions at home or at work, as well as in the gym.


Improved Sleep Quality

It has been well established that physical activity helps improve sleep quality and increase sleep duration. Sleep and exercise work together to help you grow stronger, as your body relies on sleep for repairing your muscles, joints, and bones after an intense workout. When you implement a fitness lifestyle, you’ll be exercising more regularly, which can help you better control the sleep-wake cycle, so you fall asleep at the right time, and stay asleep longer, so you can reach all the necessary phases of your sleep cycle. Regular exercise may also help reduce your risk of developing frustrating sleep disorders, such as restless legs syndrome or sleep apnea.


Greater Energy

If you’re ready to tap out and head for the couch after a walk to the mailbox, you may be lacking the energy you need to get through the day. Feeling winded or tired throughout the day may be a sign of poor cardiovascular health, which can be improved with a fitness lifestyle. Regular exercise helps improve your heart health, so your body can work more efficiently. This can help you have a surplus of energy, as long as you’re fueling your body correctly with a healthy diet, because now, the same daily tasks will require less energy than before.


Regular Stress Relief

The Mayo Clinic says, “the reward for learning to manage stress is peace of mind and perhaps a longer, healthier life.” Stress is unfortunately just a part of life, and we aren’t getting rid of it anytime soon. That’s why it’s important to learn how to manage your stress on a daily basis by taking care of yourself physically and mentally, so you can prevent a major breakdown. Luckily, working out and eating healthy are two aspects of a fitness lifestyle that can help you manage stress.

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Live Longer

Did you know a fitness lifestyle can actually help increase the longevity of your life? In a study conducted at The Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research, they found that low physical fitness was an important risk factor in both men and women when it comes to mortality. This means that increased levels of physical fitness could help reduce your chances of a premature death, mainly because your body would be better at defending against diseases, such as various cancers or cardiovascular disease. If anything should be enough to convince you that a fitness lifestyle is the way to go, it should be the possibility of adding a few extra years to your life.


There’s no reason you can’t start working towards a fitness lifestyle now, so you can start experiencing these benefits today. We’re happy to help kickstart your exercise routine with our full-body kickboxing workouts. Plus, we have tons of fitness and nutrition resources in the 9Round Member Portal (like our 9Round Nutrition Guide), which you’ll have instant access to if you become a member. Get started by claiming your FREE Introductory Workout below!