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Fall Fitness Tips to Help Keep You on Track

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As the temperatures start dropping around this time of year, it becomes more tempting to skip a workout or two in exchange for some cozy time at home. However, Fall is the perfect time to buckle down on your fitness goals and get ahead of everyone who is waiting until the New Year to start a new workout routine. To help you take full advantage of what this season has to offer, here are some of our best Fall fitness tips to help you keep your goals on track.


Enjoy Cooler Temperatures with Outdoor Workouts


While the Summer heat is great for hanging out on the beach, it’s not always ideal for working out. Cooler temperatures are a lot more forgiving when you’re busy sweating it out, especially if you enjoy outdoor workouts. In fact, a study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology notes that participants who exercised outdoors reported greater satisfaction and enjoyment than those who exercised indoors.


In addition to our at-home workouts, which can be done anywhere, many of our 9Round studios have been hosting weekly outdoor workouts. Make sure you contact your local studio and ask when their next outdoor workout will be, so you can join in on the fun and enjoy the Fall weather.


Layer Up to Keep Warm


Having the right cold-weather workout gear for the Fall and Winter seasons is a must if you want to be comfortable. Plus, the more comfortable you are leaving the house, the more likely you’ll be able to stick to your workout routine. If you are freezing cold leaving the house before every workout, it will make you want to stay home instead. Investing in long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and a good jacket to wear will help you avoid excuses for not working out due to the weather.


Pro Tip: Keep your workout gear, including any extra layers like jackets and coats, laid out the night before, so you have everything you need ready to go for your workout. Eliminating the extra step of having to pull your clothes out of the closet will get you one step closer to the gym without any excuses.


Embrace Healthy, Seasonal Foods


As you know, the key to reaching your fitness goals is to consistently work out and eat healthy. Fall is a great time to start experimenting with seasonal produce, like apples, sweet potatoes, beets, winter squash, and more. These items are typically less expensive and more nutritious when grown in their appropriate season, so they are perfect for spicing up your weekly meal routine. Trying new recipes during the Fall can also help you stay motivated to eat healthy while you’re working on your fitness goals.


Keep Track of Your Results Differently


Judging your fitness progress based on looks alone can be challenging, especially during Fall when bulky layers are becoming more necessary. Instead of focusing on how you look, we suggest choosing a consistent method of tracking your results that isn’t reliant on sight. Of course, you can simply measure your weight, but we know that weight isn’t always the most accurate measure of physical fitness. So, another great option you can use is regular body measurements, as this will show you how your body is changing over time due to your workouts. Whichever method you decide is best to track your progress, just make sure it’s consistent from season to season and not based solely on how you look with clothing on.


If you’re ready to get your Fall fitness on, then make sure you take advantage of our FREE Introductory Workout at 9Round. Use the link below to schedule your free workout at your local 9Round studio, and we’ll see you soon for a KILLER workout!