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How to be Inspired, Not Discouraged, by Fitness Influencer Accounts

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When the excitement of starting a new fitness routine begins to fade and your goals aren’t being met quite as quickly as you expected, all those fitspiration accounts you followed on Instagram can sometimes cause you to feel under-accomplished. While you’re scrolling through your feed, it’s important to remember to use these fitfluencer accounts for inspiration, rather than falling into a pattern of unhealthy comparison. Below, we’re sharing our best tips to help keep you from feeling discouraged by fitspiration accounts, so you can maintain your new fitness routine with confidence and excitement.


Remember That Fitness is a Process

Do you know the old saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day?” Well, the same concept applies to your body. Sometimes, following influencers on Instagram can make us forget about the fitness process, and we can begin to think we should have instant success – that there are no steps between the “before” and the “after” photos. But even when you’re doing all the right things, it takes months to build a healthier body by slowly and consistently gaining muscle and losing fat.

Just like you, the people you’re following didn’t magically get in shape overnight. As you look to those accounts for tips and inspiration, put their process into perspective and see what it really took to get to where they are now. They most likely put in hours of work each week to achieve and maintain their fitness level. Which means, you should expect nothing less from yourself when it comes to achieving your own personal goals.


Follow People Who Are Still on Their Journey

Sometimes, the people we can walk alongside in our journeys are the ones who inspire us most and make us realize our goals are within reach. That’s why we recommend following people who have similar goals to yours and are still working to achieve them… maybe it’s even someone from the gym you attend. Watching as these people take steps toward their goals can be encouraging since you’re seeing all the hard work they’re putting in to reach their important milestones.

You may also experience some of the same challenges these people are facing, and when they share tips on how to overcome those challenges, you can use that advice to help you further your own fitness progress. Focus on building a community of positive, like-minded people around yourself, so when you feel down, that community can help lift you back up with encouraging fitness stories and advice.


Pay Attention to What YOU Need

When influencers share fitness content online, they often share the exact routine that worked for them, but you may find that you need a different approach to achieve your fitness goals. If you don’t like running, there’s no need to force yourself to run just because your favorite fitfluencer runs every day. Instead, find a type of exercise that you can enjoy because it’ll be much easier for you to keep up your routine if you like what you’re doing.

Pay close attention to what you need to be successful and filter influencer content through that lens, rather than fixating on what worked for someone else. Influencers can provide great insight into what helped them reach their fitness goals, and you can use this information to help with your journey, as you figure out what truly works for you.


Feeling Discouraged? It’s Time to Reevaluate Your Online Community

Not all social media accounts are for everyone – this statement is just as true in fitness as it is in business, home décor, beauty, sports, apparel, puppies… We’re just kidding, everyone loves puppies. ;-) But the point is, if you realize you’re feeling discouraged, rather than uplifted, by the accounts you’re following, or you simply don’t agree with what those accounts are promoting, it may be time to reevaluate your online community and who you’ve chosen to follow. Fill your feed only with accounts that help you better yourself and add value to your life and consider purging your list of those that don’t.

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