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Keep Progressing in Your Fitness Journey with These Simple Changes

At some point in your health and fitness journey, either due to a lack of results or a newly realized goal, you might decide it’s time for a change. Nailing down your current routine was hard enough, but now it’s time to switch things up to keep yourself on track. Below are a few simple suggestions for how you can change up your health and fitness habits to continue working toward your goals and your best possible self.     


Increase Your Workouts


If three workouts a week are starting to feel easy, then one of the simplest ways to change up your health and fitness routine is to increase the number of workouts you do per week. When you’re first getting started, we recommend just three days week at the studio to ensure your body has plenty of recovery time in between workouts. While this is a great starting point, you might find yourself wanting more time on the bag once your body adjusts to the intensity of our workouts.


We recommend adding just one extra workout at a time, and if you’re able to keep that up consistently for a few weeks, you can continue to increase your number of workouts from there. Remember, it’s important to ease yourself into a changing workout routine and not rush your progress. Don’t forget the importance of rest days, however, as we always recommend at least one rest day per week.


Try Amping Up Your Workouts


Sometimes, it’s easy to become complacent with your workout routine and keep things as they are because it’s comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with this if you’re simply working to maintain your current fitness level, but if you want to keep progressing, you have to continue to challenge yourself.


This means you should stop reaching for the weights you’ve always grabbed because you know they’re going to make things easy. Consider choosing a heavier weight or increasing the speed of your reps to amp up your workout. Just make sure you’re still able to maintain good form when you add extra load or speed. If you need help making your workouts more challenging, be sure to talk with your 9Round trainers to learn about the different progressions you can use.


Check Your Diet


If you’ve been consistently crushing your workouts and still aren’t seeing the progress you’re hoping for, it might be time to change up your diet. Poor eating habits can easily set you back in your fitness journey, even if you’re hitting the gym every single day.

The food you use to fuel your body plays a major role in your overall health and fitness, so adjusting your eating habits can help improve your results.


Your body needs proper nourishment in order to recover after your intense workouts, so aim for well-balanced meals with lots of lean protein, whole grains, and leafy green vegetables. For more helpful tips, check out the 9Round Nutrition Guide in your Member Portal, or if you’re looking for a more individualized nutrition plan, you can consult with a Registered Dietician.


Take a Short Break


While taking a day or two off from the gym might seem counter-intuitive for someone who’s looking to improve their results, it’s actually something that can help if you’ve been pushing yourself too hard. Often, when people aren’t seeing the progress they want, they’ll try to cram in as many workouts as possible into their already busy schedule. This can quickly lead to burnout, which means your body is undergoing too much stress from your current routine.


All of that stress can affect your body’s ability to recover after your workouts, which means your muscles can’t fully heal in between each session. The healing process is where your muscles repair themselves and grow stronger, so it’s crucial that you give your body time to rest. If you know you’ve been hitting the gym too hard lately and your body is feeling the consequences, then a day off might be just what you need to change things up and get back on track. Plus, it’ll feel great when you get back to the gym and notice the difference a little time off can make!


If you’re ready to kickstart your new health and fitness habits with a Killer Workout, then try 9Round for FREE at your local studio using the link below! We can’t wait to help you work towards your goals with our revolutionary kickboxing-themed workouts!

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