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Know Your 9Round Gear

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The day you become a 9Round member is exciting, especially when you get your hands on the sweet new workout gear! Every 9Rounder gets a pair of boxing gloves, a set of hand wraps, and a PULSE heart rate monitor when they become an official 9Round member. These items are essential for participating in 9Round workouts, so you’ll need them every time you come to the gym. To help you get to know your new gear a little better, we’re breaking down each item below.  


9Round Boxing Gloves

Not only do the 9Round boxing gloves make you look like a total bada$$, but the padding inside the gloves provides cushioning to help protect your hands and wrists during your workouts, so you can throw jabs and crosses with more confidence. While they won’t make you invincible, a sturdy pair of gloves can help prevent you from injuring yourself while hitting the bag.  

Just like runners should replace their shoes after so many miles, your 9Round gloves should be replaced after so many workouts, as the padding inside wears down after repeated use and can become less effective at protecting your hands and wrists. We recommend replacing your gloves after about six months of regular use, which is around 75 workouts for most people. We have different styles and colors of gloves available, so you can choose a pair that makes you excited to punch it out.


9Round Hand Wraps

Your 9Round hand wraps are another essential item that must be worn properly in order to be effective. During the first few weeks of your 9Round membership, the trainers at your club will help you wrap your hands until you feel comfortable doing it on your own. This video can help you get a head start if you’d like to practice wrapping your hands at home. You’ll be a pro in no time!

Wrapping your hands properly will help protect your wrists and knuckles, and make your gloves fit more securely. Just like your gloves, hand wraps should be replaced from time to time. Good indicators for when to replace your wraps include when they are looking stretched out and worn, or if they start to develop a smell that just won’t wash out.


The PULSE Heart Rate Monitor

The PULSE heart rate monitor is one of our favorite pieces of equipment because it can help you get the most out of your workouts. When you enter your 9Round location, attaching the PULSE monitor pod to your chest strap and putting the strap on will automatically connect your monitor to the in-club PULSE system. Ensure that your monitor and band are correctly placed in the center of your chest in order for the monitor to be able to detect your heart rate and give you accurate readings during your workout. As soon as you see a tile labeled with your fighter name pop up on the PULSE screen, you’re ready to work out!

9Round breaks down different heart rate levels into zones, which are indicated by five different colors on the in-club PULSE screen. Using the colored PULSE zones, you and your 9Round trainers can quickly see if you should increase or decrease your workout intensity. You will be awarded PULSE Points depending on the amount of time you spend in each zone during your workout. By keeping your heart rate in the optimal fat burning zones (green and yellow), you’ll earn more PULSE Points per minute, as these zones have been assigned a higher value. Remember, the goal of every 9Round workout is to earn at least 60 PULSE Points, so staying in those higher-value zones as much as possible is critical!

Pro tip: The battery drains while the PULSE monitor pod is connected to the strap, so make sure you separate the pod from the strap after your workout to extend the battery life.

In your 9Round Member Portal, you can see a history of all your workouts and PULSE information, so you can see your progress over time. This short informational video will tell you more about the PULSE heart rate monitor and how to use it.


Cleaning Your Gear

Your gear is shiny, new, and in great shape now, but after a number of hard-hitting workouts, it will get dirty and need to be cleaned. Taking care of your 9Round gear should help it last longer and keeps you from being that smelly person at the gym. It’s important that you follow the proper cleaning techniques, so you don’t ruin your gear.

  • Boxing Gloves: To clean your gloves, we recommend spraying an anti-bacterial solution, such as “Vapor Fresh,” (which can be found online or in 9Round clubs) after your workout, and then putting 9Round No-Stink Glove Deodorizers inside your gloves to keep them fresh. Letting your gloves air dry outside of your gym bag can help reduce foul odors.
  • Hand Wraps: Hand wraps can be thrown into a laundry-safe bag and washed with similarly colored, everyday clothing. After the wash cycle is complete, take them out of the bag and hang them up to air dry.
  • PULSE Strap: To clean your PULSE strap, first remove the pod from the strap, if it’s connected. Then, hand wash the strap in mild detergent. You can also clean the snaps of your strap with a cotton swab and some hand sanitizer.

Tip: Never put your sweaty hand wraps inside your gloves, as they need to air dry along with your gloves following your workout. 

Now that you have a better understanding of your 9Round gear and how to take care of it, you’re ready to work out like a champion! Don’t forget, you can invite your friends to try 9Round with a free introductory workout. Shoot them this blog to give them a head start, then they can schedule their workout using the link below!