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Why You Only Need 30 Minutes for a Killer At-Home Workout

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If you miss getting your killer 30-minute workouts in at your local 9Round club, then you’re going to love our new at-home workouts. Each online workout is complete with the same features as our in-club workouts: only 30 minutes long, completely programmed for you, so you know what to do, and they’re full-body workouts! We maximize every second with our signature circuit-format, which includes nine rounds of exercise with active break periods in between, just like what you’d see in our clubs. If you’re curious to learn more, keep reading to see why you only need 30 minutes for a killer at-home workout.


Our Workouts Focus on Quality vs. Quantity

9Round’s at-home workouts are designed to give you a quality workout without wasting your time, just like our in-gym workouts. Our in-house kinesiology and exercise science specialists create our workouts with your health and your schedule in mind – there’s no extra fluff to keep you going for longer, only the right combination of moves in the right order for maximum results. You also don’t have to worry about wondering what to do because Drew “The Captain” Stauffacher will guide you through the entire video from start to finish.  

We invite you to remove common distractions, such as your cell phone, to help enhance your workout experience. This is something we practice at the gym by requiring all belongings to be placed in lockers for the duration of your workout. If you have pets, also consider putting them in another room until you’re finished if you think they’ll be a problem. These at-home workouts can be a great way to get kids’ energy out or to spend time with your significant other, so make sure you invite your family to join in!


We Give You a Full-Body Experience

Just like our in-gym workouts, our at-home workouts combine multiple types of exercise, such as aerobic, anaerobic, and resistance training, into a single workout. Our moves are designed to give you a full-body workout in only 30 minutes, so you don’t have to split up your time focusing on different parts of the body. Let’s go a little more in-depth into how we create a full-body experience using the three types of exercise mentioned above.

Aerobic exercise, meaning with oxygen, uses oxygen to produce the energy you need to perform an activity. Aerobic exercise uses your slow twitch muscle fibers, which allows you to do lighter amounts of work for a longer amount of time (think walking, jogging, or the first 2.5 minutes of a round during a 9Round workout). Aerobic exercise is great for strengthening the heart and burning fat to help prevent obesity and disease.

Anaerobic exercise, meaning without oxygen, requires the body to convert energy at a faster rate. When you remove oxygen from the process, your body can only produce enough energy to perform a strenuous activity for around 30 seconds. Anaerobic exercise uses fast twitch muscle fibers that are easily exhausted – which doesn’t allow your intensity to be held for long periods of time (think sprinting, or the last 30 seconds of each round during our workouts, when you increase your intensity level to the max).

The final type of exercise is resistance training, which helps build and strengthen your muscles. Strengthening the body helps improve the longevity of your life, as it can help prevent injury, atrophy (muscle break down) with age, and certain conditions like osteoporosis. Our at-home workouts offer resistance training through bodyweight exercises, or with optional weights, when suggested. In the gym, we use those same bodyweight exercises, but also add in resistance with heavy bags and weights.


Our Workout is Unlike Any Other

Our workout structure is classified as high intensity interval training (HITT), because we alternate between longer periods of moderate exercise with bursts of intense exercise. Remember how we mentioned maximizing every second of your workout? This style of programming is how we do it! By alternating between longer periods of moderate exercise and keeping your workout steady for 2.5 minutes, ramping up the intensity for 30 seconds, then taking 30 seconds for an active break, your body is able to maximize fat burn.

Also, in case you didn’t already know, our workouts change daily, so you never get bored doing the same thing over again. Plus, we switch up your moves each round to help you stay engaged all the way through to the end.

If you’ve read our mission statement, then you know our goal is to make you stronger in 30 minutes, physically and mentally. That’s why we’ve rolled out our new at-home workouts for active members, so we can all continue to grow stronger during the COVID-19 situation.